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It's not a shame to be intimidated by your competitors on YouTube. Since the founding of the giant video hosting service, a lot of people have managed to secure a spot for them to thrive. However, there's a weapon you can use against them at any time. With our brand-new service, it's possible to get free YouTube dislikes and use these to overtake your life-long rivals on the YouTube rankings.

As you may know, a video is bound to either get likes or dislikes on YouTube. People are tending to polarize their opinions regarding video content if they feel strong emotions toward it. That also makes us understand why it is so essential to don't create with little to no enthusiasm. 

Indifference will show your subscribers or potential ones that you have no excitement to give them, and they won't even bother to provide you with a dislike. That's the worst-case scenario for any creator out there.

Hence, we know that you have to ignite a spark in your subscribers. Bad engagement tramps no engagement at all times. There is no such thing as bad publicity. 

This statement is, maybe, the most prominent people relations myth of all time, but human psychology acts that way no matter how hard we deny it. So, let's see how you utilize the dislikes you'll get for free for your advantage and gain leverage over them.

How Will Free Dislikes Help You

Well, let's get our facts straight at first: likes and dislikes are direct ranking factors on YouTube search queries. That means more likes you have, more prominent your video will be in any search that will be queried by a YouTube user. 

Well, that's the exact opposite of dislikes. For instance, if your video manages to accumulate a lot of dislikes for only God knows why your video will slowly start to tank in the search results. That's what would we want for our competitors to experience.

As well as standing as a ranking factor, dislikes also act as a signal of reality on videos. Think about it that way; you are scrolling on your YouTube Feed, and you come across a video with millions of views and thousands of likes. That sounds quite ordinary at first, but let's visualize that this video has no dislikes, not even a single one. In that instance, it's natural for you to perceive this video as fake and artificial at first sight and leave it there as fast as possible. 

If that's the case and you bought likes and views for your YouTube views before, it is also essential for you to get dislikes. Every metric of your videos has to be in a golden balance. Otherwise, you can't trick people into thinking that you're going to add value to them with your videos. On the contrary, people will perceive you as a fraud and let everyone know about what you're doing.

Why Get Free Dislikes from Followers-Shop?

As we stated earlier, dislikes are a crucial factor in how you get perceived on YouTube. Too little of it will make people think that you're tricking them, and too much of it will deteriorate your rankings on search queries. Hence, before paying for our full product, you can try our realistic free dislikes without paying a single penny at all.

As Followers-Shop, we never ask for your channel's email or password under no circumstance. Therefore, you can be well assured that your account will stay safe at all times. Also, this is not a 7-day trial like the ones you see on the internet. Hence, we don't ask you to fill in your payment details. So, you can be sure that nothing will be charged from your credit card after you forget about it entirely. No strings attached.

Additionally, if you experience any problems during or after the delivery of your free dislikes, you can always get in touch with our 24/7 active Customer Service at all times and inform our team of professionals regarding any problems that might occur. They are eager and ready to help you, and we will try to find quick fixes and solutions as soon as possible. Also, you can get in touch with our officials through our official Skype, WhatsApp, and email addresses if you need further assistance.

How to Get Free YouTube Dislikes?

The whole process usually won't take more than ten minutes at most, and we will start delivering your dislikes to your or your competitor's video as soon as we receive your query through our 24/7 active system. All we need is a URL directing to the video that will receive the dislikes. Also, please don't forget that the video should be accessible by anyone. Hence, if you paste a private URL, the system will notify you regarding this.

  1. Open Followers-Shop through your favorite choice of web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), both PC/Mac and mobile devices are compatible with our website. Also, you can use both the primary operating system of Android and iOS for this process.
  2. Start navigating through our top menu to find the services that are related to YouTube. Tap on the menu item to open the service category and select the "Free YouTube Dislikes" from the section that appears for this instance.
  3. Now, go to YouTube through the official app or web application and find a video that will receive the free dislikes. That can be your video, or you can deliver the dislikes to a competitor's video in order to hinder their rankings on search queries. Simply copy this video's URL to your clipboard and make your return to Followers-Shop to proceed.
  4. After you return to the page, paste the URL you copied to the designated field right below. After you do that, a thumbnail of the video will appear in the frame box above. Also, you can see the number of dislikes will be delivered set to 10 by default.
  5. When you are ready, simply hit the "Get Free Dislikes" button in order to complete the process and receive the dislikes. We will start the delivery immediately as soon as we receive your request.

Thank you for choosing Followers-Shop as your primary choice of social media growth hacks!

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Free YouTube Dislikes - 100% Real & No Password

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