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Buy Instagram Likes - %100 Real & Top-Tier Quality2020-08-16T03:09:46+03:00
Buy Instagram Likes

Real High Quality Likes

Buy Instagram Likes

Instant Instagram Likes

Secured Payment Method

Buy Instagram Likes

Real High Quality Likes

Buy Instagram Likes

Instant Instagram Likes

Secured Payment Method

Buy Instagram Likes

Real High Quality Likes

Buy Instagram Likes

Instant Instagram Likes

Secured Payment Method

Buy Instagram Likes

Real High Quality Likes

Buy Instagram Likes

Instant Instagram Likes

Secured Payment Method

Did you ever think buying Instagram likes might beneficial for your overall Instagram experience? Why so many people frown upon investing in your online presence anyway? This is a highly controversial subject of our day. Nonetheless, can you get on top with a tireless social media growth campaign? It is possible, yet time swiftly passes by.

Instagram has been up for almost a decade now, and it's a delicate part of our lives. You had your good and bad times with it, so we did too. As expected, some people had extraordinary success in achieving financial freedom with it. They broke the shackles; planted an evergreen sprout for young entrepreneurs to benefit. How did they do it when there's a competition that is so tight? The answer is complex and simple at the same time: they had many people engaging with their posts. These people were also satisfied with either the service or the product they got.

You're probably wondering where the confusing part is. It sounds pretty straightforward in theory, right? You've never been that wrong before.

buy instagram likes

Why You Should Buy Instagram Likes

We, people, have many shortcomings when it comes to deciding what is best for our general well-being. We are so easy to manipulate, it almost feels like a child's play. The saddest part is, doom is on us as we'll never free ourselves from the boundaries of biology anytime soon. It'll be way more different if we master genetic engineering, but this is another field of expertise, and it is not ours. Nevertheless, thanks to researches, we know a lot about ourselves.

Humankind has always been in love with the brightest, fanciest alternative. Beyond that, oddly enough, we care about what others pick too. If they choose something different than us, we second-guess ourselves to some extent and start swaying to the side of the masses. Meet the term social proof. You're going to love it!

Can Instagram Likes Increase Your Interactions Directly?

Well, it depends. As we mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to give your potential customer a reason to choose you among others. There are probably thousands of people who claim to provide the same service or product, with similar goals and motives. There is only one thing that's going to carry you among the professionals when you have no brand awareness at all.

Social proof!

If you're popular or manage to seem like you're, chances are your brand or business will radiate a glimpse of hope, even if you didn't sell a single product yet. For instance, let's assume that you're scrolling mindlessly on your Explore Page.  You're laughing at some fail videos, then there are cute pets, and more... There's always something to consume. Then you stumble upon a video with thousands of views or a post that's rocking many likes. You're going to check it. Period.

How Social Proof Affects My Organic Engagement?

As you can do in every area of your life, you can incorporate this social dynamic to our online patterns of conduct. When an Instagram account has a lot of likes or other interactions, it's an eye-catching view. People will notice.

Think of your Instagram profile as a showroom, it's guaranteed that more people will check it out if it's already swarmed with people. It is easy to think that you're an exception and you're immune to the laws of biology. Actually, you're not an exception. You're merely a part of a bigger vision that we can't even comprehend yet. It is what it is. Life still moves on.

If we want to be successful on Instagram, we have to use the influence of persuasion through might. Researches show that you have approximately ten seconds until your potential customers decide and take action. Will they consider at least taking a more in-depth look at your profile, or will they ignore you entirely?

A post with thousands of likes will perform better in terms of visibility compared to a counterpart with little to zero engagement. This situation is what makes this whole process too complicated; there is not a definitive answer when it comes to visibility. There is something you can do, though: you can optimize your account and hope Instagram likes what you did. Pray, if that helps you to cope. Instagram is calling the shots here.

Why Instagram Promotes Accounts With High Engagement?

Instagram is notorious for its relevancy based algorithm. So, if you have a lot of people liking your posts, you're estimated as highly relevant to most users. To some extent, this whole algorithm thing is understandable as it would be a mess for users who follow thousands of others. Either way, if you manage to get your impressions increased, which is the ultimate point of using Instagram in the first place, you're going to shine amongst others.

Considering that the road to success is paved on the Explore Page as it is purely intended as a place for people to interact, you should strive to get featured there. If you change your point of view, the view is extremely clear. Instagram wants you to interact with people too.

If there were only a handful of people actually engaging with each other, no one would want to place ads on there. Here, the whole point of Instagram's promotion and suggestion policy, described in a sentence.

Are There Any Other Benefits I'll Get from Buying Likes?

Yes, and there are tons of it. If we are trying to be unbiased here, we should admit that you're probably not going to like some of them. Let's see the catch in buying likes for Instagram, and what they'll add to our yet regular Instagram accounts.

  • Increased Social Status

When you purchase Instagram likes, you'll start realizing that you had a lot of friends, but you just didn't know that...

As your time and attention become more scarce as an Instagram influencer, people will try to be a part of it. People claiming to be by your side from day one will want their share in the cake. This may sound like hypocrisy at its most. However, as we stated earlier, it is what it is. People love successful people, and neither you can change the laws of selection, nor our subconscious. Take it or leave it.

  • A Lot of Free Time

Let's assume that you're just like any of us. You're stuck on the rat race and go to your day job 9 to 5, every single day... If you are still too young to get lost in your industry, you're probably going to school every day, and you have a lot of homework you have to deal with. It's not a surprise that you're tired every morning. You want to do something new, create a unique product or service for that brand you're trying so hard to establish. Then you realize you have no followers or engagement at all, and even if you create the best content out there, nobody's going to see it anyway. You fell asleep on the couch. Rinse and repeat.

However, if you get Instagram likes and do a bit of optimization on your profile, you won't have to deal with the tedious process of promotion every other day. It is a well-known fact that you'll have to create quality content for your followers, or you have to get someone to do it for you. Either way, it is guaranteed that the grind won't stop any time soon.

Content is King.

— Bill Gates

With that free time you just spared, you can focus on providing real value and creating astonishing pieces of work. Don't forget, you'll attract impressions by numbers, but you're going to keep them through top-tier service and content.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

We're pretty sure that you hear that term a lot while delving deep into digital marketing blogs. What is brand awareness anyway? Brand awareness is why you search for Nike, Adidas, etc. on Google when looking to shop for sneakers. Pretty self-explanatory.

If your account represents a business or brand on Instagram, your task is way much harder compared to a personal account. If you have no followers or engagement at all, people can't take your brand seriously. I am serious about that statement.

Would you buy from your favorite B2C if it had no followers, no likes, no nothing on Instagram? We thought the same. Buying Instagram likes won't make your account more trustworthy but will definitely make it appear like it is.

  • Potential to Become an Influencer

It is not surprising that influencers make a lot of money on Instagram, as they literally influence the people around them. That's why we don't agree with the statement that influencers make way too much dough, and they don't even deserve a single penny. That's simply wrong on many levels.

Making a lot of people follow you devotedly while they already have so much to do in their daily lives is a superpower. We know that, nowadays, brands and businesses are exploring a market called "micro-influencing." In that way, even if you have only 10k followers, which sounds adorable compared to a whopping million, you can still make a living on Instagram. This happens due to micro-influencers' insanely high engagement rates compared to macro-influencers. Considering that they can build bonds way better than macro-influencers, it obvious that their ratio will be quite high.

You wouldn't expect from Kylie Jenner to recognize and recall every fan of hers by their names. She has millions of them. It's insane, but micro-influencers can do that. You can too.

With proper planning for your next social media growth campaign and with a bit of luck, it'll only be a matter of time until you get your first sponsorship deal or affiliate marketing agreement.

  • A Chance to Initiate Change

The world is a great place to live in, no matter what. Everyone wants to change the world, but not everyone may have a chance to do it, let alone actually changing it.

As we mentioned above, influencing is not an easy task, and it is not strictly bound to selling stuff on Instagram. If you want to stop climate change, good for you! When you have a lot of people engaging with your account, you can finally make your lifelong dreams come true.  Devoting yourself to an ideal world that everyone would love to live in is an honorable bliss.

  • Fun in Your Instagram Experience

Hear us out, Instagram is so much fun when you have a lot of people to share your experience with. Nothing is worse than getting your phone out with enthusiasm, just to find out that no one engaged with your post that you posted three hours ago. Almost all of the cool features of Instagram require you to interact with people.

You want to do a poll? You need people to vote. You want to do a group chat? You need people to chat. You want to do an AMA? You got the point. And so on.

instagram likes

Why You Should Choose Followers-Shop for Instagram Likes

We have a lot of discounts, giveaways, and other cool features to impress you.  However, all of those are in vain if we lack one crucial bullet point. First of all, one of the most distinct attributes that separate our quality from our competitors is clear: Privacy!

We Never Ask for Your Password

It is a saddening fact that almost all of the service providers out there ask for your password to deliver their product, or if they deliver any, I should say. If they say that it is impossible to deliver their product if they don't have access to your account, you can be sure that they are lying or their services are outdated by a decade. Or both.

We did it, and it wasn't that hard. For these reasons, as Followers-Shop, we have a strict principle of never asking for our customers' social media credentials. Giving out your sensitive information to strangers is one of the most successful ways of attracting scammers and frauds. Therefore, it is a must that you never share your password with anyone, even if they say that they are Followers-Shop employees.

We Never Store Your Payment Information

As a necessity of living in the twenty-first century, we use the most secure payment systems in the world for our users to pay for their purchases through credit/debit cards. Yes, PayPal and Stripe.

Besides; again, as a necessity of living in this century, we have 256-bit SSL encryption securing your sensitive data from the dirty hands of malicious third-parties. In this way, even our most authorized official can't possibly see or interact with your payment information. It is simply impossible for us to store your data within our serves because your information never reaches us in the first place.

24/7 Active Customer Care Service

We are always striving to upgrade our system and quickly fix any bugs we might stumble upon, but rarely, problems may occur. If you experience any groundbreaking problems while using our system or browsing the website, you should reach us right away!

For this, we embedded a messaging platform on our pages. It is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen on every possible page of ours. Our team of professionals is trained to leave you more than completely satisfied. They are ready and eager to help you.

In extreme cases or for complaints related to customer service, you can get in touch with our officials through WhatsApp, Skype, and e-mail addresses. You can find those mentioned addresses on our Contact Page.


We are more than proud to host the cheapest Instagram services in the industry for our customers. Sometimes quality and expensiveness are simply not correlated.

  • If you want to get 100 Instagram Likes, you can only do it for a price tag that is almost cheaper than water: $2,80.
  • Alternatively, you can raise the bar a bit higher and buy 1000 Instagram likes for your account for prices as low as $11,90.

You can see our Prices Page to find and create a budget-friendly campaign for your account.

What Are Real and Regular Likes?

If you are thinking that you can only get bots from us, you'll be very surprised when you learn that you can buy real Instagram likes too. Real and regular Instagram likes have their differences, but at the end of the day, they are doing the same work for you.

Real Instagram Likes

When you get real likes, as its name shows, your individual post will be liked by real people around the globe; they are just like us, made of flesh and blood.

As a part of our service policy, we get in touch with Instagram followers around the world and agree with them to get limited access to their accounts. In that way, they agree to let us deliver likes under their online identity, while we pay them for their trust in our privacy policy.

One of the main benefits real likes provide is their activeness on the platform, and they can engage with your account and provide other interactions if they really like your account and content progression. However, this enormous advantage is also their downside.  As these accounts are used by real people around the world, they can retract their likes too.  Thus, we can't guarantee that their likes will stay on your profile forever. This is the main reason why we rarely suggest getting real Instagram likes for beginners of the platform.  Those users have little to no content to preserve this potential.

However, if you are an advanced user of Instagram, you'll probably have a lot of content on your profile. This is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your audience.

Advantages of Real Instagram Likes

To sum up, real likes are...

  • slightly harder to deliver in large numbers,
  • slightly less budget-friendly than its counterpart,
  • able to engage with your posts, Stories, and more.
  • able to retract their like at any time they wish.
  • more immersive and in-depth.

Regular Instagram Likes

When you think about bots, it's almost impossible not to get irritated even by the thought of having them. Let us explain why it's a good idea for beginners to get regular likes. We create those accounts all by ourselves in our office, and we carefully curate the profile details of each of them. Therefore, these accounts have relevant usernames, content, profile pictures, post schedules, and a realistic-looking audience.

However, it is sadly not possible for regular Instagram accounts to engage with your profile other than the targeted post as they are mostly inactive. This is why we suggest regular accounts to beginners or intermediate users of Instagram, as there is no risk of them getting their likes back.

You should know by now, numbers don't mean anything on their own, but they can attract the attention you need for developing your account. This is a perfect opportunity for you to start creating that quality content that we always talk about. We can't stress this enough.

Advantages of Regular Instagram Likes

To sum up, regular likes are...

  • considerably easier to provide in bulk,
  • slightly more budget-friendly against real likes,
  • not able to engage with your posts, other than the main target post.
  • GUARANTEED to stay solid for at least 6 months,
  • less immersive but still realistic.

buy real instagram likes

How to Buy Instagram Likes Instantly?

If you are ready to buy your first batch of Instagram likes, you can follow our step-by-step guide down below to avoid any future misunderstandings and ease the process. The whole process usually won't take more than ten minutes to complete, and we'll start to make your likes fall like raindrops right after we receive your transaction through PayPal or Stripe.

You can use any mobile device, PC, Mac, etc. to get your Instagram likes from Followers-Shop.

Note: Please note that your account should have been set to the public before making your purchase. 

Therefore, you shouldn't make your account's status private while we are delivering your likes as that would stop the process.

Let's go.

  1. Open your favorite web browser on any device and go to Followers-Shop.
  2. From there, start navigating through our upper menu items to locate our "Buy Instagram Likes" service. 
  3. Simply tap on the menu item to load our service page.
  4. You should see the sections "Likes," "Auto Likes," and "Monthly Likes," for today, we are committed to the Likes section.
  5. Just below that, you should see the tab that asks you to choose between Regular or Real Likes; choose wisely according to your experience on Instagram.
  6. Now, go to Instagram through another tab or official app and enter your profile through clicking or tapping on the humanoid icon.
  7. Select a post to receive your likes and simply copy its URL to your clipboard to proceed.
  8. Next, return to Followers-Shop and paste your post's URL to the designated field labeled as "Username of Photo Link." Note that if you enter your username to this field instead of a URL, you can select any post or multiple posts that you want to get the likes. Also, you can see how many likes they received before this process.
  9. After that, you should decide on how many likes you would want to receive for each post. Enter any number to the field designated as "Likes Quantity." Please note that each post you selected will receive this number of likes.
  10. Down below, you'll see a green box that appeared out of nowhere. In that box, you can see the possible discounts you can get and their percentage relatively compared to your items. This discount box works in real-time, so if you change the number of likes you want to get, the box changes too. Hence, you don't have to leave the page to make it work.
  11. If you are fully committed, you can simply tap or click on "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" to continue to the paying process.


As a result, we can easily that, if you are familiar with Instagram, even a little bit, Instagram likes are going to help you substantially. However, numbers are simply not enough for making your account thrive, and chances are you won't be recalled as an overnight success. Don't neglect the importance of quality content, but give your potential customers and fans a reason to consider giving you a shot as an influencer, or seller.

Thank you for choosing Followers-Shop as your primary source for social media growth tools. We are proud to serve you.

Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can buy as many likes as possible. 

We can say that it is definitely not illegal to buy Instagram likes.

Yes, buy guaranteed Instagram likes and stay away from websites that don't offer guarantee or customer services. Here it is 100% safe since we offer live support and guarantee. 

Buy Instagram Likes - %100 Real & Top-Tier Quality
Buy Instagram likes for your account now, take your brand or business among the legends of Instagram. No password is asked, pay with PayPal!
Buy Instagram Likes - %100 Real & Top-Tier Quality
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