How Can I Retrieve My Order Number?

Your order number is dispatched to your designated shopping email immediately upon order placement. It's represented by a unique 7-digit code. If you haven't received a confirmation email, it's advisable to check your email's spam folder.

Steps to Check Your Order Status

  • First, input the order number sent to you into the "Order number" field.
  • Then, enter the email address used during your order placement in the designated email field.
  • Ensure accurate information entry before clicking on the "Check It" button to inquire about your order status.
  • Upon clicking, the screen will display the process in 4 stages: order created, paid, in process, and completed.

Which Email Address Should Be Used in the Form ?

It's important to use the same email address that was used at the time of your order. This is the same email where your order number was sent. Inputting a different email address will prevent access to your order status.

How Often Is The Tracking Information Refreshed ?

Our services are aligned with live and automated systems, ensuring that tracking information is as current as possible. For those preferring manual tracking, this can be easily accomplished on our page.

What Is The Standard Method of Delivery ?

Delivery methods are tailored according to the nature of your orders. Orders related to social media are executed directly on your profiles, while SEO-related orders are conveyed via email.

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