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Instagram and Downloading Videos

It has been almost a decade since Instagram was introduced in our everyday lives. We grew with it, and it grew on us. However, there's one thing that keeps bothering us, especially the aspiring content creators, and that is the fact that we still have no possible path to follow in order to download videos from Instagram

The platform simply has no feature that allows us to do. Fear not, though. With Followers-Shop's brand-new Instagram Video Downloader, it's now possible and relatively easy to save any video you stumble upon to your device without compromising from your account's security, and the video's quality. 

Well, as we know, Instagram is a massive platform with more than one billion individual users from around the globe. If you have the dynamism for it, let's try to imagine how many pieces of content are uploaded on this social media behemoth. 

There are probably more than a few billion residing on the platform, but what's the point of having this much content under your hands if you have to open the mobile app or web application every time you want to check something out that has appeared in your mind? That's probably the case for you like all of us, and we found a solution.

What You Should Know: Followers-Shop's Video Downloader

There's not too much needed from your part to download any video you want from Instagram. All major and minor operating services are compatible with our system. Therefore, you can use both PC/Mac and other mobile devices like phablets and tablets to utilize our free tool.

Please don't forget that the owner of the video should have their account open to the public. Otherwise, unfortunately, it's not possible to reach and fetch information from a hidden account. Therefore, if the video you want to save is posted on a private account, you should strive to find the same video in an open profile to proceed with your aim.

Our system doesn't stretch out or compress the videos you want to download. Therefore, if the video you want to save is low in quality, the final product will be inferior in resolution too. However, that's also the same if the video is HD and high-quality. We guarantee that you'll get the same video as you've been watching it on Instagram without downloading it.

How to Download Videos from Instagram?

Well, if you're ready to save on cellular data and save your favorite piece of videos on your mobile devices, you should know that all we need from you to provide is a valid URL directing to the video you want to download. However, you shouldn't forget that the profile must be open to the public in order to avoid problems from occurring. Let's go.

  1. Open Followers-Shop on your favorite web or mobile browser and start navigating through our top menu, from there, hit the "Instagram Tools" text on our header links.
  2. If you want to see all the videos a profile has, you can type in its username to the designated field below. In that way, you can browse all the posted videos of this account. However, if you want to download a specific video, you can copy its URL to your clipboard through the web application or mobile app.
  3. After the video's thumbnail appears in the frame box, you can directly hit the "Download" button in order to start the downloading of your video. It won't take long to receive it.

Thank you for choosing Followers-Shop!

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Tired of wasting cellular data on Instagram to watch videos? We got you! You can download any video you want from Instagram with our new free tool!

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This 100% works. I downloaded two videos from my profile without any problems.