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What's the Importance of SoundCloud?

Making some excellent music is cool, but realizing after the release that no one is interested in even giving your beloved song a single play can be hard on anyone's nerves. After all, playing a song and listening to it to the end is free, right? 

Nonetheless, all of us have our own things going on, and supporting an artist friend may not be a priority for a lot of people. That's unfortunate, but it is what it is. In that case, it may be a good idea to get free SoundCloud plays from Followers-Shop!

If you're trying to making a living for yourself with your talent in music, you probably know how hard it can be to attract the attention of people. There are tons of other people probably more gifted than you with the same struggle, who's trying to build themselves a devoted and loyal audience to sell albums, merch, and present shows and tours. 

That shows us making music is more than just showcasing your art, but it's a business many can't seem to grasp fully. You need to show that some people already regard you with respect in order to get more of it.

How Can SoundCloud Plays Help You?

Well, let's start with spilling out the facts. Having a lot of plays on SoundCloud is a direct factor that'll affect how you get ranked by the algorithm of the platform. Therefore, that means the more plays you have, the more chance you have getting featured by the platform. In that way, with only a handful of free listens, it's possible for you to get organic traffic driven to your artist profile.

Also, it's a known fact that people care about how many engagements you received on your piece of wor, and this is especially applicable for music. People have a tendency to be hesitant while devoting their already free time into something they perceive as not validated yet. Unfortunately, that's how our biology and psychology works. 

In that case, we have to act right in order to give your future audience a reason to consider you as a listenable artist. Them seeing that some people already listened to your stuff and enjoyed it may provide that required reason to them.

How to Get Free SoundCloud Plays?

The whole process of getting free plays for your SoundCloud account probably won't take more than ten minutes of your valuable time as an artist. Additionally, we will immediately start the delivery of your plays as soon as we receive your request. Let's go.

  1. Open Followers-Shop through your mobile or web browser and start navigating our upper menus. From there, find the label "Free Services" and hit that menu item. From the menu that opens, select "SoundCloud" and choose the "Free SoundCloud Plays" from the section for that instance.
  2. Now, open SoundCloud on another tab and go to your artist profile. From there, select any project of yours and copy its URL to your clipboard to proceed. After that, you have to return to the Followers-Shop and paste the URL you copied to the designated field right below. 
  3. When you're ready to go, you can directly click or tap the "Get Free Plays" button in order to complete the process.

Thank you for choosing Followers-Shop!

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Free SoundCloud Plays - 100% Real & No Password

It didn't even take ten mins to get my 100 plays. This is flawless!!