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Buy Instagram Followers - No Password & Instantly2020-03-27T16:54:34+03:00
Buy Instagram Followers

Likes of Highest Quality

We Do Not Ask For Password

Cheapest Instagram Followers

24/7 Support Care Service

Buy Instagram Followers

Likes of Highest Quality

We Do Not Ask For Password

Cheapest Instagram Followers

24/7 Support Care Service

Buy Instagram Followers

Likes of Highest Quality

We Do Not Ask For Password

Cheapest Instagram Followers

24/7 Support Care Service

Buy Instagram Followers

Likes of Highest Quality

We Do Not Ask For Password

Cheapest Instagram Followers

24/7 Support Care Service

It is an inequity that people frown upon whom buy Instagram followers for boosting their personal or business presence on the social media world. Nonetheless, we have strong argument points against this perception as a lot of people demonize this industry, and only God knows why they do that.

When you think about Instagram, the mission and vision of the platform changed tremendously in recent years, especially after the initial purchase of the young network by Facebook in 2012. After that acquisition, we know that Instagram took a completely different route against its past days of humbleness and minimalism, and the new developers started to make the platform as ad-friendly as possible.

There is a significant point there if you can see it. If Instagram has become a platform for influencing people and making revenue, it is evident that the overall most engaging account will reap all the benefits as people have a general habit of willingly following an influencer to the point where their word is like an order for them.

This is due to the scarcity of having a lot of followers on the platform, and we know that many people fail to accumulate that status even for long periods. Considering that only 8% of the Instagram users manage to get more than 50k followers, it may feel like you're trying to row against a massive current. 

Consequently, due to its scarcity, having a lot of followers may have substantial positive impacts on the sales or leads accumulated on your business or brand. Some of those benefits are direct while some are indirectly affecting your account, even if you don't notice them at first.

Let's take an in-depth look at those salubrious points.

buy Instagram followers

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Followers?

Let's assume a scenario where you want to interact with new people. This is entirely okay as there are more than 1.5 billion people on Instagram, and it is one of the best networks where you can meet with people and feel no shame at all for expressing your feelings. 

Consequently, you start scrolling through the Home Feed and at one point you simply stop there, and glare at a single picture for a while. The content is okay, but the real deal that impressed you is the engagement the post did receive. You feel mesmerized and excited at the same time.

The numbers elude you, and you wonder how did this mediocre content perform that well on the vast ocean of Instagram. Another minute passes while you wonder and eventually, you find yourself scrolling the profile, taking a close look at every visual posted on the account. Another minute passes, the account owner now has a brand-new follower for them to make sales, get leads, or simply impress.

Mankind's Screening Tool: Social Proof

All of these happen due to mankind's ultimate curiosity for the unknown, the need for bonding and building a tribe with peers in order to survive. Hence, if you want to make people stick with you, you have to make them believe that you're going to bestow value to them. The good thing about Instagram followers is, they make you seem worthy.

This is where evolution comes into play. If you get rejected by your society and try to meet your life necessities on your own, you may fail in this and die. Consequently, people are strongly pressurized into liking cool and trendy things if they want to blend into society. Thereby, we enjoy hot stuff because we like not being dead or separated at all.

When you have a lot of followers on your account, chances are high that people will show substantially more extraordinary interest in you. It is a well-known fact that people look for the numbers before even considering to take a broad look at an account, let alone following it.

Therefore, even a single follower can be the key when tricking people into taking you as an authority in your area of expertise. After that, it is up to you and your carefully planned content strategy to make that petty lie a reality of the world around you. You can fake it, 'til you make it.

Other Benefits of Having A Large Audience on Instagram

Thanks to the people who are in love with science and have irrepressible curiosity, we can analyze the effects of having a large following base on the platform without swaying from side to side and going biased.

Now, as we know the most significant effect of having the numbers staying tall on your side, let's take an in-depth look at some other benefits of having a large following on Instagram.

You'll Be Somebody

If you have a lot of Instagram followers, people are attracted to your energy. Even the people you know in real life will show interest in your field, personality, and character as a whole. Some of your old friends will surely shoot up a message to catch up after all those years... 

This may sound like some next-level hypocrisy, but it is what it is. Now you understand why a lot of celebrities insist on this controversial statement: "Being broke was better."

buy active instagram followers

Your Exposure Will Increase

It is guaranteed that your exposure to the people not following you will increase rapidly. Instagram's infamous algorithm tends to promote and suggest accounts with peak visibility and relevancy. 

Therefore, as your followers increase in time, you're opening gates after gates for your new, potential followers. 

After that, it is apparent that you should create quality content and hook these potential followers into already established ones.

You Can Make Money

Another well-known fact: Brands and businesses pay money to Instagram users to make them promote their products. 

Considering that micro-influencing is a term heating up rapidly, you can start making money on Instagram even with 1k followers or such. 

In this case, you can get sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing campaigns, and much more. Nonetheless, you should strive to make your engagement rates go up substantially.

You Can Get Organic Traffic

By having a lot of followers on Instagram, you can utilize the platform to its pure potential and get your business or brand to thrive. 

It'll be possible for you to embed URLs in Stories -also known as swipe-up links- and highlight them on your profile. In this way, you can drive organic traffic straight to your website.

Things to Know: Followers-Shop and Buying Instagram Followers

If you are ready to take your business or brand to the next level among the competition, we should start with some of the essentials you should learn about the process to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Our service is so easy and quick to use, we are sure that you'll be relieved when you see that even a kid can use it without having to get their parents' help. They shouldn't, of course! We suggest they get their parents' consent first before buying followers.

From start to end, the process of buying Instagram followers may vary. Generally, it shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes to give your order and receive your product. Nonetheless, stuff happens, and on some busy days, it can take up to 12 hours to receive your purchase.

For obvious reasons, we never ask for your password under any possible circumstance that might occur, and our service doesn't need your credentials to function as it should. As Followers-Shop, we suggest that you never share your password with anyone as it is one of the best ways to be a victim of identity theft and fraud. A secret password is a safe one.

We optimized this page to be bug-free. Nonetheless, if you experience any internal or external problems while using this service, you can directly get in contact with our 24/7 live customer care team. They are professionals in their field of expertise and will try to find quick fixes, solutions, recommendations to any problem that might occur. You can share your suggestions and confusion with us anytime. Don't hesitate.

Additionally, you can make your payment with debit or credit cards via the most secure payment system in the world, PayPal. Our 256-bit SSL protection encrypts your sensitive data and even the most authorized official of Followers-Shop can't possible see it, let alone distributing it to the third-parties. No strings attached, one-time payment.

real instagram followers

Choose Between Real or Regular Followers

When you decide to buy Instagram followers and enter our service page, you'll be welcomed by two different types of possible follower products to choose between.

Real Followers

Real Followers are made up of real people, just like you, who use Instagram regularly. These people around the world had an agreement with us; therefore, we can make followings using their profiles. Hence, in return, we pay them for their trust in us that we'll never use their accounts for purposes other than what we initially agreed upon.

Therefore, as the name states, real followers have their free-will. After the purchase, they can stop following your account at any time if they don't like your stuff. Therefore, this is why we suggest that you never cease creating quality content. For this reason, we can't guarantee that real followers will stay on your account for an extended period, or forever.

To sum up, real followers...

  • are harder to provide in bulk,
  • are slightly less moderate in price,
  • can engage with your posts and Stories,
  • can stop following you at any time,
  • are more immersive.

Regular Followers

When it comes to regular followers, it is crucial to know that they are artificial accounts we created for this purpose solely. Nonetheless, they have decent profile pictures, enough amount of adequate posts and followers on their profile. Thereby, they feel real for the most part.

However, it is not possible for regular followers to engage with your posts. Therefore, when you buy regular followers, you are paying for the numbers. It is essential to know that numbers don't mean anything in the long run, and you'll have to create decent content in order to hook potential followers that'll be attracted by your number of followers.

To sum up, regular followers...

  • are easier to provide in large numbers,
  • are considerably cheaper when compared,
  • can't engage with your profile as they're not real,
  • are guaranteed to stay intact for at least 6 months,
  • are less immersive.

How Can I Buy Instagram Followers?

If you want to buy followers on Instagram, first, you have to make sure that your account is open to the public. If your account is private, it is unfortunately not possible for you to receive your followers. This one of the frequently asked questions which we hear a hundred times per day.

If your account is open to the public, be ready to change the game; let's see how you can.

  1. Open your favorite web browser on either a mobile device or PC in order to buy your first batch of Instagram followers.
  2. Go to by typing the URL to your browser's address bar.
  3. Start navigating through our colorful upper menu items and find the one labeled as "Buy Instagram Followers," tap on the subject to continue with the process.
  4. When you enter the service page, first, you should choose between the real and regular followers. We compared them in detail in the subheading above.
  5. You should enter your Instagram username to the designated field labeled as "Username." to continue; after that, your profile picture should appear over the frame that we put up as a dummy.
  6. From there, you should type in the number of followers you want to buy for your account. The minimum amount you can get is 100, and the maximum is 10.000 by default. However, you can make more than one purchase if you want to surpass that number.
  7. A green box should appear right below with the possible discounts that you can benefit. This system works in real-time, so you won't have to refresh the page to select another discount after all.
  8. Just below that a gray box should appear, labeled as "Price," from there you can see the total and exact cost of this purchase.
  9. Simply tap or click on "Buy Now," or "Add to Cart" to proceed to the transaction process. The "Buy Now" button will directly take you to the payment page.
  10. Voila! After you complete the transaction, we'll take your order into the queue right after we receive it. It may take 30-60 mins to acquire your brand-new Instagram followers fully.

Thank you for choosing for your social media growth campaigns. We're working hard every day to meet up to your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is nothing unsafe about buying followers. If you are buying bot followers, buy guaranteed followers as we offer, be careful with malware systems. Real Instagram followers are very safe as well.

If you post something with the specified hashtags, you will need 700 engaged followers to be able to get paid.

If you hit 10K followers, Instagram will reward you with the ability to add 'swipe links' to your stories. This way you can lead people to your website more easily.

Buy Instagram Followers - No Password & Instantly
Looking for a website to buy Instagram followers? We can offer them in bulk for low prices, instant delivery, and fully secure payment options!
Buy Instagram Followers - No Password & Instantly
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