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Buy Instagram Views - Guaranteed & INSTANT Delivery2019-11-12T11:02:38+03:00
Buy Instagram Views

High-Quality Instagram Views

Cheap & Active

No Password Required

24/7 Support Support

Buy Instagram Views

High-Quality Instagram Views

Cheap & Active

No Password Required

24/7 Support Support

Buy Instagram Views

High-Quality Instagram Views

Cheap & Active

No Password Required

24/7 Support Support

Buy Instagram Views

High-Quality Instagram Views

Cheap & Active

No Password Required

24/7 Support Support

If you ever had an underperforming video, you may have thought about buying Instagram views. It's a tempting idea to have people like and view your videos without doing anything at all, but is it indeed possible to increase organic traffic through paid services?

Not a long time ago, Instagram was a different place. Let alone video content, before 2013, it wasn't even possible to direct message. Hence, we can easily say that Instagram evolves through time, and those changes made the platform something else.

Also, in 2013, video-hosting and sharing feature was added to Instagram. In that way, it was evident that Instagram had bigger ambitions and plans. Also, Instagram's acquisition by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion may explain these radical changes in the app.

Since then, Instagram became a massive platform for aspiring artists, creative directors, digital marketers, and much more.

However, one thing is certain that if you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to utilize its features to the fullest. 

Instagram video views infographic

Posting videos is one of these as researches show that posts with videos receive up to 38% more engagement than their peers like regular images. It is also cited that videos double the number of organic comments a post would acquire.

In the light of this, we can clearly say that videos are a milestone for Instagram, and we can't possibly visualize the platform without unique videos like fails, pets, pranks, and much more. No wonder they dominate the Explore Page.

However, how can we use the video content and buy Instagram video views along with it to promote our brand or business among the competitive community of Instagram?

Let's find out.

buy instagram views

Why Should I Buy Instagram Views?

We know how confusing your first Instagram experience can be. You get dropped on a platform with no followers and no content at all and be expected to perform well among others and blend into the community as soon as possible.

This is especially challenging if you are trying to build a brand from scratch with no real marketing budget or such. 

You have to create the product or service, promote it with your means, and expect people to trust you enough to purchase your products or services.

That's messed up. 

As you can see, there's a broken chain of expectations.

It is as foolish as Instagram's expectations for you to blend into the community as for you to expect people to shop from your account while you're not adding any real value to the table yet.

Gain Respect

It is almost impossible for an average buyer to take your brand seriously when you have no real engagement at all. At best, you're just another account among millions; at worst, you're a proven scammer, and you should be sued for it.

Building mutual respect and trust isn't easy. 

People have a lot of stuff going on in their lives, and they won't spend their limited free time on a brand with no followers or likes while there are established brands with tons of positive testimonials and actual brand awareness.

Can you blame them?

However, if they see that you have videos with many views, it may be enough to persuade them to think that you have a popular account, and you are worthy enough.

This glimpse of hope is all you need in terms of driving organic traffic to your profile at the end of the day.

That was the easy part. The real challenge is making that potential customer or fan actually follow your account devotedly.

It's up to you.

buy real instagram views

Social Proof

Do you know why every door that comes at their feet is open to celebrities and not regular people? The answer is not related to a fortune, but it is directly correlated with high social statuses. 

Studies show that, if potential customers see that someone else already tried your product and were happy with it, they almost feel obligated to do the same. 

Moreover, they won't feel bad or approach you with hostility for feeling obligated to buy from you. On the contrary, they'll like you even more in the end.

To sum up, we can easily say that nobody's going to bother checking if you're a hoax or not if you seem like you're credible.

Even Machiavelli would feel a breeze on his spine.

Why Choose Followers-Shop?

The internet is a cold and hostile place, especially for beginners and intermediate users. It's quite usual for people with less interest to fall victim to scams and such.

 In order to make the world, and the internet, a better place to live or browse in peace, we have a couple of strict principles that we always stay behind. 

No Password Policy

This is a cliché. Everyone says that you shouldn't share your password with anyone, even your most trusted ones.

We call this brilliant piece of advice cliché for a reason. These are facts in general.

As Followers-Shop, we never ask for your password under any circumstance. Our services don't need your sensitive information to function as it should.

We also suggest you never share your password with anyone at all, even if someone claims that they're working for Followers-Shop or its peers.

Secure Payment Options

One of the worst things in shopping online is not being able to buy something you liked because it had no secure payment methods. You know that you're going to get ripped off that way.

However, this is not the case for Followers-Shop. You can make your payments with credit/debit cards through PayPal or Stripe. These are the most reliable payment systems in the game.

What's going to happen to your payment information, though? We can't store it, that's for sure. Our industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption doesn't let the sensitive data to slip from the safe hands.

Thus, the data is always encrypted. Even with the most advanced supercomputer of today, It would take a 9.1732631e50 years to break it with brute-force attacks.

How to Buy Instagram Video Views?

If you are ready to buy your first package of video views, we have a warning for you to beware of to prevent any future misunderstandings and confusion that might occur.

Note: It's currently not possible to deliver Instagram engagements to hidden profiles. 

Therefore, if you want to buy video views, you should change your accounts' status to open to the public.

The whole process shouldn't take more than ten minutes or so to complete. 

Let's get started.

  1. Open Followers-Shop on your favorite web browser through PC or mobile devices to continue.
  2. Now, carefully browse through the upper menu items and find our service that is designed as "Buy Instagram Views."
  3. After that you'll see a field named "Username or Video Link," you can type in your Instagram username to this area. However, you can go to Instagram on another tab or the app and copy any video's URL to your clipboard and paste it to the same field too.
  4. If you have used your username to proceed, you can select multiple videos to receive the number of views. Also, it is possible to see how many views they already acquired through organic means.
  5. Then, please type in how many video views you want to receive for each video you select to the field labeled as "Views Quantity."
  6. The total cost of your purchase will appear just below; also you'll see a green box containing possible discounts. You can adjust your cart accordingly without leaving the page at all.
  7. Congratulations! You can continue to the paying process by tapping on either "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now."
  8. When you complete the transaction through PayPal or Stripe, we'll immediately start to deliver your video views.

Thank you so much for choosing Followers-Shop as your favorite source for social media growth metrics.

We'll always strive to provide the best!

Buy Instagram Views - Guaranteed & INSTANT Delivery
Buy Instagram video views now, never fall behind on the competition. Attract relevant people to your content, increase your organic engagements.
Buy Instagram Views - Guaranteed & INSTANT Delivery
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